Nottingham's newest psych exports draw influences from Allah-las, Juniore, La Luz and Pink Floyd, with ‘Shootout Sunday’ a swaggering homage to 60’s low-fi garage rock, set firmly in a slick west coast modality and incorporating a stream of glistening dream-pop synth lines that innovate on the tried and tested psychedelic formula.

Speaking ahead of their latest release, the six-piece explained: ‘Shootout Sunday’ is about the journey and anticipation around goals in life, and the inevitable feeling of dissatisfaction when you reach your destination. It’s a westernised take on the disillusionment of arrival fallacy; a Bonnie & Clyde-esque tale of two lovers mourning the journey’s end”.

Earning early praise throughout the tastemaker landscape (So Young, Clash Magazine, Under The Radar), Midnight Rodeo are set to hit the road over the summer months, with further release plans in the works.