Dmitry Evgrafov

Dmitry Evgrafov is a hugely talented Moscow-based pianist/composer/multi-instrumentalist, whose music blends his beautifully intimate piano playing with evocative string arrangements and rich electronics. Completely self-taught, Dmitry began to play music at the age of fourteen, starting out on guitar before quickly moving to the piano. Between 2011 - 13 he released an EP and two albums, the first of these arriving at the age of just seventeen. Largely self-released online with next to no promotion, the most recent of these 'records', 'Pereehali' was a particularly beautiful combination of luminous, contemplative piano subtly enhanced with wonky tape manipulations.

Having been impressed enough to help compile 'Pereehali' back in 2013, FatCat's David Howell remained in touch with Dmitry and in early 2015 signed the young composer to the 130701 imprint. His debut album for 130701, 'Collage', was released in October 2015. A year later, a digital EP, 'The Quiet Observation' was released, followed by the critically acclaimed album, 'Comprehension Of Light' (October 2017) and another digital EP, 'Return' (September 2018). After a break during which individual tracks appeared on compilations for the 1631 and Deutsche Grammophon labels, Dmitry's returned in Summer 2020 with his latest album, the broad and dramatic 'Surrender' (July 2020), witnessing the continuing expansion of the artist's palette and reaching boldly beyond the usual post-classical range.

With a degree in sound design, Dmitry has composed for numerous films, videos, commercials and audiovisual installations. He is co-founder and composer/head of sound design at Endel, a mobile app company making personalised ambient soundscapes that generate responsive music in real-time, which in 2019 signed a 20-album deal with Warner Music, widely reported as "the first algorithm to sign a deal with a major". Now 27, and with four albums to his name, Dmitry has also logged 100 million streams of his music to date. Whilst it would be easy to fall back on the simple beauty of his solo piano work which has yielded so many streams, Dmitry continues to expand and explore new territory as an artist.

Heralded by Exclaim! as "a new major player in the modern classical field alongside the likes of Richter, Johann Johannsson, Dustin O'Halloran, Ben Lucas Boysen, Hauschka and Olafur Arnalds, "Dmitry's work has been hailed by Mary Anne Hobbs and described by Fluid Radio as "...a prodigious young talent... who imparts into his music a maturity which seems grounded by practice far beyond his years."