What We Do...

We offer a bespoke Vinyl-Lathe-Cutting service for short–runs and limited editions. We can cover vinyl projects on 7”, 10” and 12” formats as singles, EPs or Albums, one sided or both, and between 1 and  50 copies.

Using high-quality audio playback systems and analogue mastering equipment, our experienced engineer will hand–carve your audio in real-time, onto to high-quality and durable PVC dub plates. Unlike a traditional acetate dub plates, our PVC vinyls remain as durable and playable as a regular pressed vinyl record.

Audio Specifications and guidelines:

It is important to provide your music in high-quality (lossless) audio file formats, such as .wav or aiff. There are myriad variables that can determine the sound quality of vinyl copies including the mixing and mastering of your tracks.

Our engineer will expertly prepare your audio files to ensure the cleanest and truest reproduction, however, it is preferable to provide us with a track that has already been pre-mastered for vinyl – a process that all mastering engineers will cover alongside making your digital streaming masters. 'Vinyl-pre-masters' have specific stereo treatment and EQ curves to accommodate the physical limitations of the vinyl. A properly vinyl mastered track will go a long way toward achieving the best result.

Running Times:

Running times are an important consideration. Here is a list of the ideal maximum running times for the best sound quality on your vinyl:


Price Structure

We charge a standard set-up fee for all orders which include test cutting and EQ:

 7” vinyl  – £25.00
10” vinyl – £35.00
12” vinyl – £35.00

The following costs include vinyl, blank white labels (on both sides), a paper sleeve and a protective clear PVC outer sleeve. We can discuss and quote for alternative options, should you require them, when you initially contact us.



Artwork for cover and label designs are job specific with costs calculated according printing specifications. We can discuss this with you in detail upon placing your order.


Please email us via the contact button below to further discuss placing an order.